Comprehensive services for all your hearing needs.

Hearing Healthcare
in Gwinnett County

At Dennison Hearing Solutions, we provide quality hearing healthcare and hearing aid services to adults of all ages. Whether you are experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus, or a problem with your hearing aids, our experienced hearing specialist is here to help you.

Hearing Tests
in Dacula, GA

Receiving a thorough and complete hearing evaluation is the beginning of improving your life through better hearing. We provide the most thorough hearing tests available to ensure we have an accurate understanding of how well you can hear in a variety of situations. We provide hearing tests for adults of all ages.

We strongly encourage individuals over the age of 55 to have their hearing examined on an annual basis. This way you can catch any signs of hearing loss early and prevent it from affecting your speech comprehension and brain health.

William Dennison performing a hearing test
Man with Tinnitus holding his ear in pain in Dacula, GA

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” is by far the second most common issue that people bring to us (second only to hearing loss). Tinnitus affects millions of people and presents itself in a variety of ways. People with tinnitus report hearing a buzzing, humming, ringing, or whistling sound in their ears when no external sounds are present.

During your hearing evaluation, we can perform a tinnitus test that will help localize your tinnitus. Then we can recommend a tinnitus treatment that will help manage your symptoms.

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Hearing Aid Evaluations

We work with most hearing aid brands to offer you a wide range of technology. Once we’ve performed a hearing check, we will have a conversation with you on what you want to get out of your hearing aids. We will then recommend hearing aids that we believe will be the most helpful for your individual hearing needs. We carry Bluetooth hearing aids as well as rechargeable hearing aids that can provide you with a seamless listening experience.

After you’ve chosen which hearing aids you would like to move forward with, we will expertly fit and program them to your unique ear shape and hearing needs.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

If something isn’t working right with your hearing aids, bring them in and we’ll make any necessary adjustments. We can fix many problems in our office. For more major repairs we can send your hearing aids to the manufacturer to be fixed.

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Hearing Aid Maintenance

We recommend bringing your hearing aids in every six months for a maintenance check. We will look at your hearing aids, give them a deep cleaning, and ensure they are working their best for you. Bringing your hearing aids in on a regular basis is a great way to make your devices last longer.

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Hearing Protection

Whether you have hearing loss or not, it’s important that you preserve and protect your hearing as much as possible. We can create custom earplugs and earmolds for optimal hearing protection in noisy environments. Hearing protection is available for sport shooters, hunters, musicians, motorcyclists, and anyone that is regularly exposed to loud noise. We carry musicians’ earplugs, in-ear monitors, and headphones as well.  

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Don’t let the fear of cost stop you from living your best life. There is a perception that hearing aids are expensive and you may think that you aren’t in a position to afford them. We pride ourselves on our success rate of finding an option that works well for all of our patients, no matter their hearing needs or budget. We have many options available to help you.