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The Complete Hearing Evaluation

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Getting a thorough and complete hearing evaluation is the beginning of improving your life through better hearing. We give the most thorough hearing test available to ensure we have an accurate understanding of how well you hear in a variety of situations.

Our provider, William Dennison, is also Georgia’s only Tinnitus Care Provider certified by the International Hearing Society. Tinnitus affects millions of people worldwide, and while there are no easy fixes, that doesn’t mean you can’t be helped. If you’re bothered by ringing in your ears, let us show you how we can help.

Doctors agree, if you are over 55, a hearing evaluation should be included in your annual health routine. We believe in this so strongly that we are happy to give you one hearing evaluation each year, complete with summary report, at no charge.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is by far the second most common issue that people bring to us (second only to hearing clarity).  Tinnitus affects millions of people and presents in a variety of ways.  There are no proven effective medications that can conquer the ringing in your ears, there are, however, a number of other methods that have shown to minimize (and in many cases end) your tinnitus.  Our unique comprehensive hearing evaluation will help localize your tinnitus to give us the best chance of helping you manage your tinnitus.

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Hearing Protection & Custom Audio Solutions

Whether you have hearing loss or not, it’s important that we preserve and protect it as much as possible. We can help you with your custom ear piece needs. Hearing protection is available for sport shooters, hunters, musicians, motorcyclist enthusiasts and anyone else that works or plays around noise. We can also help musicians and audiophiles with In-Ear Monitors and headphones. (custom or non).

Financing & Affordability

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Don’t let the fear of cost stop you from living your best life. There is a perception that hearing aids are expensive and you may think that you aren’t in a position to afford them. We pride ourselves on our success rate of finding an option that works well for all of our patients, no matter their needs or budget. We have many options available to help you live your best life. You are worth it!

And remember, you may be the one wearing the hearing aids, but they are truly a gift for everyone in your life.