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Hearing, Dementia & the Brain

Several studies in the last few years have found a link between dementia and hearing loss.  Your risk of developing dementia increases between 200% and 500% if you have a hearing loss.  The leading theory about this connection is that hearing loss causes you to work harder to fill in the blanks of what your ears aren't giving your brain, causing you to go into cognitive overload.  Because of the cognitive overload, your brain has less energy to devote to processing and remembering. 

Hearing loss can also leads to social isolation, another risk factor for cognitive difficulty.

Now, the good news is that studies have also found that treating hearing loss is the number one thing that you can do to prevent dementia.  One study has said it is more effective than any of the current medical treatments that are on the market.  The treatment of hearing loss has been shown to improve cognitive function and reduce the deprivation our brains experience as a result of hearing loss.

Will Dennison