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Complete Hearing Evaluation

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 The Complete Hearing Evaluation

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Getting a thorough and complete hearing evaluation is the beginning of improving your life through better hearing. We give the most thorough hearing test available to ensure we have an accurate understanding of how well you hear in a variety of situations.

Our provider, William Dennison, is also Georgia’s only Tinnitus Care Provider certified by the International Hearing Society. Tinnitus affects millions of people worldwide, and while there are no easy fixes, that doesn’t mean you can’t be helped. If you’re bothered by ringing in your ears, let us show you how we can help.

Doctors agree, if you are over 55, a hearing evaluation should be included in your annual health routine. We believe in this so strongly that we are happy to give you one hearing evaluation each year, complete with summary report, at no charge.

If it is determined that you would benefit from wearing a hearing aid, our fitting process is just as thorough as our initial exam. We use Real Ear Measurement and patient input to ensure that you are getting the most out of your new hearing aids.