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How to Choose

There are so many different options available when it comes to hearing aids and treating hearing loss. There are products on the market today that you may see on the shelf or advertised on television that offer a one size fits all solution, your hearing loss, however, is as individual as you are. Treating your loss without meeting with a professional first will have a very low chance of success.

We work with several different hearing aid manufacturers so that we can personalize your treatment. While many providers are owned by the same companies selling the hearing aids, we are proud of our independence, allowing our patients to know that if we make a hearing aid suggestion, it’s based on our expertise, experience and your needs; not some unfair influence placed by the hearing aid creator.

If you are wondering if it’s time for hearing help, step one is to have your hearing evaluated. Call us today and let us give you a complimentary complete hearing evaluation and find out what your options are.