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 Complete Hearing Healthcare


If you commit to hearing better, then we owe it to you to ensure that you are always hearing as well as possible. To that end, we offer out Complete Hearing Healthcare service.

This means that once your hearing aid is purchased, there are no additional costs that you will incur for routine use*. Imagine buying a car, and never having to pay for gas or oil changes!

Complete Hearing Healthcare exists for the life of the instrument, and includes: batteries and cleaning supplies, cleanings, annual hearing checks, program adjustments.

While the majority of the hearing aids we fit include our Complete Hearing Healthcare program, we can also add the service for your hearing aid if you purchased it elsewhere, so no matter what you have or where you got it, schedule an appointment to discuss a full service plan that is right for you.

*additional charges may occur for out-of-warranty repairs that cannot be completed in office.